Why You Should Love Your Photographer for More than their Photos

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Are you planning your wedding? On your list of things to do is find a venue, ask your life long best friend to be your maid of honor and spend your evenings on Pinterest creating your vision board (just to name a few!). Of course, finding a photographer is on the list and THAT is a very big deal, friends. Let me tell you why....

Your photographer is in charge of so much more than being a fly on the

wall and documenting your day. They tell you how to move, they make you laugh,

they run the show when organizing everyone for family formals, they hangout

with your dearest friends, they get up in your business while you put on your

makeup and after your wedding is over...they might just be your new best friend

(I think they should be!). Your relationship with your photographer matters. Make sure you love more than their pictures, make sure you love them as a person.

Can you imagine being followed around on your wedding day by someone you don’t really like? It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

When I talk to my clients, I tell them that I want more than anything to be apart of their special day but only if we have chemistry. Isn’t that silly? I want to like you and for you to love me

(for my work and for me as a person!). I have heard horror stories from friends and family that choose a photographer for one reason and one reason only, they like their pictures (which is essential, but their needs to be more). You need to vibe with this person, friends. Simply

liking someone’s photos will not be worth the investment and quite honestly, it could jeopardize your wedding day bliss with someone that doesn’t vibe with you.

So, I will say it again, love your photographer for more than their amazing pictures. Love them as a person and make sure you click with them. If you choose the right one (trust me, you’ll know when you find them) you will make a lifelong friend that will add value to your wedding.

How do I make sure I vibe with my clients? It's pretty simple! I grab a coffee with them and break the ice. It isn’t difficult to find out if we are a match made in heaven. Let’s ask each other questions and dream about your wedding day. If meeting with a photographer freaks you out, don’t worry for a second more. I’m not scary or intimidating, I promise. If you are feeling nervous just shoot me an email that says, “HELP! I’m in a panic about meeting with a photographer. I love your work, would you be up for meeting with me to answer my questions?”, to which I will reply, “you bet your bottom I can”.

That doesn’t sound scary, right?

Email me, friend.

I can’t wait to meet you.


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