A blurb about me.

Giving an elevator pitch is challenging, especially when it's about yourself!

So, I'll jump to the important stuff.

I married my favorite person on the planet on September 23rd, 2016.  I mean it when I say ever since I experienced my own wedding, I knew my role as a wedding photographer was IT for me.  Marriage is a BIG deal to me and I think it is one of the coolest celebrations people can gather for.

My title as a sister, auntie, daughter, and wife make me enjoy life to the fullest.  I love this line of work because it allows me to celebrate some of the greatest milestones in life with other people and I have the honor of making sure they never forget them!

Enough about me, let's talk about you!

Let's talk about You

The relationship and connection you have with your photographer matters. 

In fact, I think you should love them for more than the pictures they take

(more about that in the link below)!

 I’m after couples that are eager to get amazing pictures.  Couples who aren’t ashamed to show off their affection so that I can capture your love in all of it’s realness.  I love to work hard for stunning images and to have clients that are ready to dive in with me.  Pictures are important to me so I want them to be important to you!  I’m after the peeps who want me there to capture all of the details that you slaved over during months of planning.  I love seeking out the couples who cherish the life long commitment of marriage and are thrilled to celebrate such a big promise.  No need to worry about being nervous in front of the camera or unsure about what to do.  I will guide you along the way and remind you to be YOU!  

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